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Your first appointment

From your very first visit to our physio practice, we can assist you with the most important aspects of the therapy you need, offering continuous advice and support as well as individual programmes for you to follow at home. The following pages outline key information on our practice and therapies.


Your first appointment:

what should I wear/bring with me?

It's best to wear casual, comfortable loose fitting clothing. The Physiotherapist will need to see, touch and treat you through the skin of the affected area, and the origin of the symptoms - which may not be where is hurts, for example if you have leg pain from Sciatica the lower back will need to be treated.


If you have X-ray or MRi scan reports/results we can obtain these from your GP or you can bring a copy along with you.


Assessment and treatment

You will be assessed and treated on your first visit. The Physiotherapist will give you an explanation of the diagnosis and start treatment. You will also be advised on self help and prevention.


Cost of treatment:

Please enquire for current costs and discounts. Some patients may be able to be covered by our NHS contracts. We are on the provider panels of all major medical insurance companies such as Bupa, AXA PPP, WPA, AVIVA, Simply Health and others.We can invoice your medical insurance company directly. We will require you policy number and a pre-authorisation code which you must obtain from your insurer before starting treatment. Please call round at the practice or phone us on 01603 763455 for details and to make an appointment.



You can pay for your treatment by cash, cheque with a card, debit card or credit card. Please note we do not accept American Express.


Payment for your sessions are paid in advance. When booking your appointment over the phone the secretary will ask you for either debit or credit card details. If you are unable to provide these we will ask you to call in to the practice to pay before your appointment.


Subsequent appointments - Please bring your diary, Work Schedule or calendar with you to be able to secure a follow up appointment on the day and at the time you need - if you have to call us back the appointment might not be available as we cannot hold unconfirmed appointment space. Subsequent appointments are charged in advance which means you don't pay at your last session


Changing an appointment - we ask for 24 hours notice where possible to change an appointment


Non attendance and late cancellation - these will be charged at the standard rate


Telephone reminder - if you are not good at remembering appointments please ask the secretary to to put a note on your record to call you the day before your appointment


Your First Appointment

Prevention & Self Help

What we can treat


Muscle Injuries

Sprains, strains, tears, ruptures, tension, cramps. this might be sudden onset in calf or hamstrings from sport - or fatigue from poor sitting posture in neck and back. Overuse and unaccustomed use.


Ligament Injuries

Sprains, strains and tears from sport, poor posture, DIY, accidents. It may be a finger or a sprained ankle, twisted knee, wrist or foot.


Tendon Injuries

Overuse and unaccustomed use tendinitis such as Achilles Tendinitis and Tennis/Golfers Elbow or RSI/WRULD from typing or DIY.


Joint Injury & Arthritis

All Joint - knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, wrists, elbows, fingers, neck and back. Trauma, arthritis, overuse and more.


Nerve Related Injury

Sciatica, arm pain, facial pain, headaches/migraines, carpal tunnel/wrist.


Common conditions we treat:


Neck and back pain, arthritic hips/knees, whiplash, postural pains, tennis/golfers elbow, post-operative knee/hip replacements, knee arthroscopy, all joint and spinal injury, Sciatica, Achilles tendinitis, Plantarfascitis, shin splints, sprained ankles and much more, Call or email us for further information.


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We are on the provider panels for all major medical insurance companies such as BUPA and AXA


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